Water Sport Business


If you want to live in Rarotonga and operate a fun business then this is for you.

We are selling 30% shareholding in a new business (to be formed) that can do soft bait bottom fishing and water sports OR WHATEVER YOU WANT. Its an area with a lot of potential for growth as the soft baiting is not done here and its big in other countries.

The beauty of buying just 30% is that once you have it you can do other things just as a local can as the business is still classed as local. Having just 30% allows you to purchase a property through the company. The area of fishing has been saved for locals so you can’t just buy a boat and start one up as a foreigner. You run the business however  you like, within the law. All expenses are you’re as is the profit until you have been paid your money back from your investment.

We have extensive experience in the fishing industry and are there to assist where needed if required. If you don’t have experience in this area there are plenty of willing locals to do the job.

NZ$ 85,000, plus VAT if applicable. Reduced price!!

Interested in this Business?

Contact Brent Fisher via email or phone +682 55154.